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2021 | GOOPiMADE FOR GQ Limited Collection
Along the way, GQ presented every fashion moments through texts and images, which includes:
Top-notch and extremely talented fashion issues, the persistence of the craftsman for their works, and different ways how artists presenting their talents to the world.

This time, GQ has prepared an unprecedented clothing collaboration with GOOPiMADE.

Through years of deep analysis of the fashion industry, blending their unique tastes and sense of beauty into GOOPiMADE.

“GQ” x GOOPiMADE Please join and enjoy this innovative experience with us.

“TR-M01” Gentle Stitched Logo Hoodie

“TR-M02” Asymmetric Windbreak Jacket

“TR-M03” Exclusive 25 L/S Tee

“TR-M04” Multi-type Suit Trousers

“TR-M05” Functional Tailored Suit